Not let you go!

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I will not let you go until you bless me. Gen. 32:26


Jacob is in a desperate situation. His brother Esau is coming to meet him and they have been enemies every since Jacob stole his birthright. The birthright was given to the oldest male child and it meant that he would inherit his fathers estate and would receive a double portion of whatever was passed down. Jacob also stole his blessing. Jacob is in great fear and sends a host of livestock ahead of him with a servant as a gift and bribe in hopes of pacifying his brother.

So in that most desperate and fearful night at the Jabbok, God sent an angelic stranger to wrestle with him all night. Jacob wrestles with him all night and wouldn’t stop. The man touched the socket of Jacobs hip because he saw that he couldn’t overpower him. Jacob still didn’t let him go until he would bless him. There are lots of questions that spring up like: why did God send this angelic man? How did Jacob overpower an angel? What was the whole purpose of this? Why this night of total desperation? I won’t begin to try to answer all of these questions. But one thing strikes me profoundly: Jacob was in his most desperate place ever and he wouldn’t relent from wrestling with God until God answered his request.


Maybe in our most desperate place, God is waiting for us to wrestle with him in persistent faith-filled prayers and requests and not let go until He blesses us with the answer?


Lord, I will not let go of You in prayer anymore as I intentionally pray the greatest things on my heart. I know they are your will, so I will not hold back anymore from persistently praying them until you bless me with the answers. Forgive me for praying small faithless prayers and not wrestling until the answers come.

Heard in prayer

I want to see your persistence in prayer! I want to know how much you want what you are praying. For that is my indicator of how you will handle my answers when I bless you. If I can trust you to persist in prayer, I can trust you to persist in being faithful with my blessings!

Author: Pastor Dan Larson