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I persevered in demonstrating among you the marks of a true apostle, including signs, wonders and miracles. 2 Corinthians 12:12


Paul again defends himself to the Corinthians about his apostleship and shares with them that he gladly boasts in his weaknesses. He would rather choose to humble himself and admit his weakness than boast in his strength. He had discovered that when he is weak, that is when God becomes strong through him. Now he is defending further that he is an apostle for Jesus and there is proof by signs, wonders, and miracles.


What if that were the proof today of ministries? Most of us are not having to defend our ministries to churches like Corinth who had believed false teachers and had slandered and falsely accused Paul. But what if others demanded proof of our ministry? What would we say? Is it signs and wonders or what would be the proof of “anointed Spirit-filled” ministry? Often the proof of successful ministry these days is size of ministry, number of people and buildings, and resources. Jesus said that “these signs will accompany those who believe.” Maybe we do not see many “signs and wonders” because we really don’t believe that those are proof of God’s power and Presence. Maybe we also trust in many other sources for our healing, counsel, and breakthroughs more than God.


Father, I choose to stretch my faith and believe You to do the “greater things” in my life and through our ministry. I choose not to settle for the lesser things, but I believe you to do great and mighty things that I have yet to have ever seen. Help me to build myself up in my “most holy faith” today and each day.

Heard in prayer: People get what they believe! They don’t see the miracles because they do not believe Me for the miracles. Stir up your faith daily and choose to believe for the miraculous and I will show you what I can really do!

Author: Pastor Dan Larson