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fight the good fight, 19keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith. 1 Timothy 1:18-19


Timothy was a main disciple of Paul’s. He met Paul in Lystra when Paul came and called him out, laid his hands upon him, and prophesied over him about his future ministry. Paul had taken him for 12 years all over from city to city to preach the gospel where it had not been preached. Timothy had watched Paul fight all types of spiritual warfare through beatings, persecutions, imprisonment, and false accusations. Yet Paul persevered through it all and Timothy had a front seat as a witness to see how Paul handled it all.

Paul from this place of “do as I do” leadership, compels Timothy to fight in the same way the good fight. He reminds him of the prophecies over Timothy’s life and to not forget them as he endeavors to fight the good fight of faith. A good mentor lives by example, trains from that example, and reminds their mentee of who they really are.


This fight is a good fight because we can win! But Paul has set an incredible example by how he lived his life in front of Timothy and everyone else. How? With faith and a good conscience. It is a real fight of faith. Here are two great questions of faith; what do I really believe about God and what do I really believe about who God made me to be? Most of how we live can be summed up with the true answers to both of those questions.


Father, I desire to fight the good fight of faith with growing faith and a good conscience. Help me to stir up my faith today to see You more for who you are and to see me for who you made me to be. I don’t want to live small today!!!

Heard in prayer

See yourself the way that I have seen you! Believe wholeheartedly the words that I have prophesied over you. Cling to them as absolute truth. For who knows their sons better than their fathers? Who can see their sons potential more than their fathers? Who is able to impart identity and destiny more than their father? What I have spoken I desire for you to bring to pass and I will empower you every step of the way to accomplish my greater plan for your life.

Author: Pastor Dan Larson