By faith

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By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the Word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.   Hebrews 11:3


This is the Hall of Faith chapter where the author says the phrase “by faith” 19 times to stress the importance of living by faith. 10 people are mentioned by name and the rest are amazing stories of people who lived their lives “by faith”. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. It is the total reliance on the invisible things, the spiritual things that caused the visible to be created. All things we see were created by that which we do not see – the spiritual realm. In fact, all things were created by the Word of God. Now that is powerful! God’s Word creates!!! And all that God created is good. So when we put our faith in Him, we are putting our faith in His Word that creates something from nothing.


All of these “Heroes of the faith” lived for the unseen, because of the Word of God that they received.   We are to live then for the unseen world, the eternal world, and live by hearing the Word of God. It is essential to hear what God is saying to us regularly and walk it out. For His Word creates life out of death, strength out of weakness, streams out of deserts, freedom out of bondage, and righteousness out of evil.


Father, I listen to your Word today “by faith”. In fact, help me to hear you and follow your Words that will create life in my family, our church, and our city. You are “setting us up” to see your Word create life in our city and region, so I listen to you today to hear what you have to say.

Heard in prayer

I am setting Family Life up. It is a year of unshakeable faith and a year of remembrance. Believe, speak, pray, and trust Me to pour out my Presence through My church in ways that you have only dreamed of. Keep pressing forward in faith, being absolutely resolved that what I have said I will bring to pass now.

Author: Pastor Dan Larson